Technical System
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Cost list

* The price of 1 hour is the minimum cost for every service call! Step of working time after 1 hour is 5 minutes

Driving within the Tallinn area there are no gas fees
All prices, that do not reflect the cost list will be fulfilled according to the offered price
Only cash payments are accepted from private individuals!

Name of the service
Prices in euros without sales tax (*minimum payment) Prices in euros with sales tax (*minimum payment)
Technical systems emergency repair work  37.50 EUR/h 45.00 EUR/h
Sanitary technical jobs 37.50 EUR/h 45.00 EUR/h
Electrical work  37.50 EUR/h 45.00 EUR/h
Gas work 54.17 EUR/h 65.00 EUR/h
Sewage system flooding liquidation  41.67 EUR/h 50.00 EUR/h
Welding work  41.67 EUR/h 50.00 EUR/h
General building work 97.00 EUR/h 116.40 EUR/h
Sewage pipes milling work (indoor) 70.83 EUR/h 85.00 EUR/h
Electrical and sanitary work km payment if outside of Tallinn (back and forth)   0.83 EUR/km 1.00 EUR/km

Sanitary technical jobs

Sanitary technical jobs 37.50 EUR/h 45.00 EUR/h
Verification of heat meters 100.00 EUR/h  120.00 EUR/h 
Unfreezing of pipes.
Houses inner water pipes (using small transformer), plastic pipes, canal pipes, outer alignments (using large transformer, steam or hot water pressure cleaner)   

75.00 EUR/h 90.00 EUR/h
Freezing (pipes without making capacity)   60.00 EUR/h 72.00 EUR/h
Houses inner sewage system cleaning (Kärcher)   66.67 EUR/h 80.00 EUR/h

Pressure washing

Sewage systems well and alignment cleaning (MB Actros and MB Atego)   110.00 EUR/h 132.00 EUR/h
Feces hauling MB Atego (1 load = up to 5 m3) 104.17 EUR/1 load 125.00 EUR/1 load
MB Actros and MB Atego km payment outside of Tallinn (back and forth)   1.50 EUR/km 1.80 EUR/km
Sewage system inspections with camera
Sewage system inspections with camera – houses inner piping system ø 50-160 mm.  Sewage system inspections with camera buss – outer alignments ø 160-500 mm  
62.50 EUR/h  75.00 EUR/h(larger jobs on agreement)

Leakage lab

75.00 EUR/h 90.00 EUR/h
Cesspool work:      
JCB 4CX 33.33  EUR/h 40.00 EUR/h
JCB 4CX + roxon   41.67 EUR/h 50.00 EUR/h
5,7t Hyundai Robex 55-7 33.33  EUR/h 40.00 EUR/h
16t Hyundai Robex 160LS/7 45.83 EUR/h 55.00 EUR/h
16t Hyundai Robex 160LS/7+ roxon 55.83 EUR/h 67.00 EUR/h


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