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Technical system diagnostic

TV study enables to detect different pipe defects:

  • leaks
  • reasons for clogs
  • crushing, transverse and longitudinal modifications
  • inclinations and other tube defects


We conduct researches on in-building piping, branch lines and ducts with fibre cameras MiniCam and Rikkit. These are easily transportable devices that enable the observation of pipes in places where the access is complicated with a camera bus. The length of a fibre is 60m.
For the research on external piping we use self-driving 110 PE- 1500 robot cameras. For that purpose we have three camera buses with a special equipment. The length of a cable is 200m (if necessary, 340m).
We use WinCan V8 programs which output, the report comprises observation documents and a slope report.
The slope report enables to assess the piping slopes and inclinations.
A DVD with a film and different reports will be given to a customer.

Digital camera head

Digital observation technology is especially useful in examining old pipes. After the filming, the program enables to observe in detail every section of the piping and see every defect without the need to film this specific part during the examination. The technology guarantees capturing all errors just by driving through the piping.

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